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Will it be a boy? Will Meghan have Twins? Will he/she/they be ginger? Here are our predictions.

Posted by True Royalty TV Nigel Brown on Oct 13, 2020 3:00:16 AM


As we inch ever closer to the big day; the day when the first British American Royal baby enters this world, we put some questions to True Royalty followers and fans on Instagram. While the Palace has kept tight-lipped about many of the details surrounding the baby, we’ve crowdsourced our predictions and the results are enlightening. Will it be a boy or a girl? Will they have twins? What will his/her/their name/s be? Will he/she/they have ginger hair? Interestingly, on most questions there was a resounding consensus. But, of course, only time will tell how our predictions fared!

The question that is on everyone’s lips is what gender the baby will be and we can reveal that a whopping 73% of people who answered think Meghan will give birth to a girl.

And if it is a girl, what will they name her? Again, rather surprisingly in fact – considering no respondent could see what names others had put forward – there was a majority choice for the name. In a beautiful invocation of the baby’s grandmother, 57% think she will be called Diana. Other popular names among respondents were Victoria and Elizabeth.

But of course, it could still be a boy. And while there wasn’t an outright winner when it came to predicting his name, over 1/3 of respondents think he will be called Philip – which his great-grandaddy would be pleased to hear. Charles came a close second and Albert third.

For reasons we don’t understand at True Royalty, ginger hair has often been derided. We couldn’t imagine Prince Harry without ginger hair and wouldn’t want it any other way. So, with this sentiment in mind, we asked whether people think the baby will get his/her follicle-influencing genes from daddy. While it was a close call, only 44% believe this will be the case.

The last question we asked our 11k followers on Instagram was whether Meghan will have twins. The answer was an emphatic no at 82%.

So this is the picture we can paint: Harry and Meghan will have a girl called Diana who won’t have ginger hair. See you at the bookies!

We also asked our followers on social media what words of advice they have for the Royal parents-to-be and we were overwhelmed by the number and sentiment of responses. Below are a few of our favourite pointers:

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