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What to Watch: An Easter Special

Posted by True Royalty TV Nigel Brown on Oct 1, 2020 1:10:53 AM
The Queen in yellow holding flowers standing next to a young girl

The long Easter weekend presents the perfect opportunity for the whole family to settle down and enjoy the latest documentaries from True Royalty TV, and ti learn about what goes on behind the scenes of the most famous monarchy in the world.

Find out about life as a member of staff in the Royal Household, what the Royals eat for their afternoon tea and how Windsor Castle operates throughout the year in these fantastic programmes on your favourite Royal streaming service. 

At Her Majesty’s Service

A brand new documentary to True Royalty TV sees national treasure Penelope Keith explore the running of The Queen’s official Royal residences, meeting the many different members of staff that make up the rich tapestry of palace life. 

Windsor CastleEpisode 1: Windsor:

The oldest and best-known of all the Royal Residences, Windsor Castle is at the very centre of life for the British Royal Family. Penelope gets to grips with the uniquely British traditions and roles that are at the heart of this most regal of homes, learning about the Knights of the Garter as well as meeting the Royal Herb Strewer and the Queen’s Bargemaster. 


Episode 2: Inveray and Holyrood House:

The Scottish residences are particularly dear to The Queen and her family. Here, Penelope finds out why Borthwick Castle has its very own Royal Falconer and pays a visit to the richly historic bedchamber of Mary Queen of Scots at Holyrood House. 


Episode 3: Hillsborough Castle:

Penelope heads to Northern Ireland for a trip to Hillsborough Castle, where she meets the Queen’s Bugler, witnesses a spectacular – and cacophonous – display of artillery fire, and unexpectedly uncovers a treasure dating back to the time of the Queen’s coronation. 


Episode 4: Caernarfon Castle:

On the final stretch of her journey, Penelope travels to Caernarfon Castle in Wales where she encounters another batch of unusual jobs performed in the service of the Royal Family. In this famously musical part of the UK, Penelope is serenaded by a male choir and meets a Royal harpist, as well as paying a visit to some of the most esteemed dog breeders in the country. 


Queen in a scarf outside Windsor CastleThe Queen’s Castle: Four Seasons

This documentary takes a deeper look at a year in the life of Windsor Castle – where the Royals celebrate every Easter as a matter of long-standing tradition. Step inside the Royals’ inner circle to discover the day-to-day workings of a 950 year old castle here, and discover precisely how its functions adapt during the passing of the seasons. 


The Queen drinking teaRoyal Recipes: Afternoon Tea

Veteran newscaster Michael Buerk is joined by eminent chef Paul Ainsworth to cook and taste the food of that most British of traditions – and the Queen’s favourite meal – Afternoon Tea. Together, they discover the recipe book of a Buckingham Palace maid from the early 1900s, and take it upon themselves to test out her historic recipe for Bath Buns. Uncover the tastes of the British Royal Family here