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Posted by True Royalty TV Nigel Brown on Oct 1, 2020 1:05:19 AM

In defining True Royalty, The Telegraph put it neatly when they described us as the ‘Netflix for Royal Watchers’.

That’s about as succinct as one can get. If you know how Netflix works – providing a vast library of films you can watch anytime and on multiple devices – then imagine that, but devoted entirely to documentaries and factual dramas about royalty.


We know there is a huge appetite for content about the royals across the world and we know that the way people consume media is rapidly changing. The popularity of The Crown on Netflix attests to both these facts.

But this appetite goes far beyond drama – people want to learn about the real royals. Take, for example, the fact that Harry and Meghan’s wedding was watched by nearly 2 billion people on the day, or that last year the Queen’s entry was the third most read page on Wikipedia.

Clearly then, a large number of us are interested in learning more about monarchy and its cast of real-life characters through the ages. True Royalty caters directly to these royal enthusiasts with an online hub that enables them to explore their passion in greater depth – by providing the context, the history, the backstory and the truth behind royalty, as told by its closest confidants.

Carefully curated

We have hundreds of hours of royal documentaries that have been carefully curated by BAFTA award-winning producer and royal doyen, Nick Bullen. It’s hard to pick a favourite but one that gives a flavour of the type of programmes you can find on True Royalty is The Duke and Duchess of Windsor: The Secret Photos of Their Love Story. Many of us know that Edward VIII gave up the throne for Wallis Simpson, but seeing the private photos they took of each other, so human and honest, brings to life this extraordinary, though controversial, love affair.

What would you like to see?

While we will be constantly adding new programmes to the service on a weekly basis, we also want True Royalty to be more than simply an extensive video library of royal content. We want it to be a community. As we begin our move into original programming – we are currently making our first original about Meghan – we will be listening to our subscribers. What would you like to see? What secrets do you want uncovered? Which member of the royal family do you really want to know the truth about? If there is a consensus on a particular programme we will go out and make it.

Welcome to True Royalty – take a look around and let us know what you think. We can’t wait to explore the surprising and often remarkable world of royalty with you.

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