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The Truth Behind…Royal Babies

Posted by True Royalty TV Nigel Brown on Oct 26, 2020 4:30:47 PM


William, Kate and baby George

The birth of a Royal Baby is an almost magical moment; not only does it herald a new branch on one of the world’s most distinguished family trees, but it allows the world to bask in the optimistic glow of a truly historic occasion.

We at True Royalty have curated a wealth of material examining the immense effort that goes into preparing and training a future king or queen for their official duties, as well as the difficulty of keeping them protected from the harsh glare of the media – and worse.

Here are three of our favourite films that provide a valuable insight into the rarely-seen worlds of our youngest royals.

Royal Babies

The gloved hand of the servant holding a bottle of baby milk.

The world loves nothing more than a bouncing royal baby, but what is it like to be born into the most distinguished and heavily-scrutinised family on the planet? We examine how the British Royal Family’s attitude towards child-rearing has developed over the course of history, and give an idea of the upbringing that awaits the most recent addition to the House of Windsor: Prince Louis.

Secrets of the Royal Nursery

Diana, Charles and William as a toddler sitting on a bench.

A royal baby is the most closely-guarded jewel in the world of the Royal Family; So what exactly goes on behind the doors of the Royal Nursery? How are nannies selected, and what is life like under their rule? We  take a look into the nurseries of the titled toddlers who will be the future kings and queens of England.

William, Kate and the Royal Baby

Kate, William and Baby George

Everyone remembers the media scrum that surrounded the birth of the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge’s son Prince George – their first child and the future King of England. Born in the same hospital in which William was born 31 years earlier, baby George began a new chapter in one of the world’s oldest continuous monarchies.