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The Truth Behind 5 Mysterious Royal Deaths

Posted by True Royalty TV Nigel Brown on Oct 8, 2020 3:40:33 AM


From cold-blooded murder to hundred-year-old mysteries, Royal families all over the world have histories seeping with mystery.

What happened to Russia’s last Royal family? Was Grace Kelly’s death suspicious? Who murdered the Duke of Edinburgh’s uncle? Read on to learn more about the 5 most mysterious Royal deaths of the 20th century.

The Mysterious Murder of Lord Louis Mountbatten

Tragedy struck Mullaghmore, an idyllic Irish seaside village, when a fishing boat in the bay exploded into smithereens and killed three of its five occupants instantly. One of the victims was Lord Louis Mountbatten, Queen Victoria’s Great-grandson, uncle to the Duke of Edinburgh and honorary grandfather to Prince Charles.

The circumstances around Lord Mountbatten’s death were instantly suspicious. The worst was confirmed when a mysterious phone call to a local newspaper claimed the death was ‘no accident’. With a Royal family in shock and political turmoil unfolding in Ireland, people were desperate to know the truth.

Who killed Lord Mountbatten and why? Discover the full story in Royal Inquest: Mountbatten on True Royalty TV.

Who Killed Nepal’s Royal Family?Box cover image of Royal Inquest episode Royal Bloodbath

It was a pleasant Friday evening in Kathmandu, Nepal, and the beloved King Birendra Bikram Shah was having a festive banquet in his palace with friends and family when he was shot in the head and killed. Queen Aishwarya, Princess Shruti, Prince Nirajan and several other guests also perished in the bloodbath.

Prince Dipendra, the heir to the throne, was wounded by a gunshot to the head but became the only member of the immediate family to survive. As the prince clung to life in hospital, the people of Nepal looked around for someone to blame. The King is treated like a god in Nepal, so who would dare kill him? 

Were the family killed by a hermit who placed a curse on the family centuries ago, or is there a more worldly explanation? Discover the full story in Royal Inquest: Royal Bloodbath on True Royalty TV.

The End Of The Fairytale: How Did Princess Grace Die?Box cover image of Royal Inquest episode Grace Under Fire

Hollywood actress turned princess, Grace Kelly was driving down a corkscrew road on the side of a mountain with her daughter Stephanie when her car missed a turn, flew through the air and fell down a cliff before landing in a flower seller’s back garden. The palace released a statement claiming that both princesses had survived with minor injuries, but Grace Kelly died the next day.

As the world mourned her death, attention turned to the confusion and inconsistencies surrounding the case. Grace Kelly’s wedding had looked like the start of a fairy tale, but the new princess didn’t get her happily ever after. Her devoted husband became distant and there were rumours of affairs mere months after the ceremony. 

After her sudden death, the public began to wonder: had Grace Kelly been murdered? Discover the full story of Grace Kelly’s untimely death in Royal Inquest: Grace Under Fire on True Royalty TV.

Who Killed Infante Alfonso of Spain? Box cover image of Royal Inquest episode, The King Who Killed

In 1946, the exiled Spanish Royal Family moved to Portugal to live in a large villa and bide their time until the king, Juan Carlos could fulfil his dream of taking back the Spanish throne from the dictator Franco.

It was a quiet evening on 29th March 1956 when 14-year-old Prince Alfonso was killed by a gunshot to the head. The death is ruled an accidental suicide, but cracks soon start to appear in the official story.  

Did 18-year-old Juan Carlos, the King’s eldest son, murder his only brother? And how does dictator Franco fit into the story?  Get the inside scoop in Royal Inquest: The King Who Killed on True Royalty TV.

What Happened To The Romanovs?Box cover image of Royal Inquest episode, Remains of the Romanovs

Tsar Nicholas II of Russia lived in a fairy tale palace, was married to a woman he loved, and ruled over 140 million people.  Nicholas knew he wasn’t the best King, but he had a happy family life until, in 1917, he was forced to abdicate following the Russian revolution. The people blamed the king for their troubles and were angered by his family’s luxurious lifestyle in contrast to their own poverty.

First placed under house arrest, the family was soon moved to ‘The House of Special Purpose” where they are not allowed to leave and fed on a meagre diet of black bread and tea. On July 16th 1918, the family vanished without a trace.  The Tsar is pronounced dead, but official sources say the family is still alive.

A hundred years later, three buried skulls could hold the answer to one of the 20th centuries most shocking royal mysteries: what happened to the Romanovs and did any of them manage to escape? Discover the full story in Royal Inquest: The Remains of the Romanovs on True Royalty TV.

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