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The Royal View: Getting Behind the Headlines

Posted by True Royalty TV Nigel Brown on Oct 20, 2020 4:41:48 AM


Meghan and Kate talking at Wimbledon.

We wanted to let you know about our brand new series, The Royal View, exclusive to True Royalty TV. If you’re a fan of Royals past and present, including Meghan, Kate, Diana and The Queen, read on to find out everything you need to know about the show and why you should watch it immediately!

What is The Royal View?

The Royal View is here to bring you the truth behind the Royal Family’s most talked about moments from the people who know best. Each week a group of experts from Palace insiders to celebrity journalists to Royal historians tease the truth from the gossip that is forever swirling around the Royal Family. 

Tim Vincent, a TV presenter and broadcast journalist most well known as international correspondent for NBC’s Access Hollywood interrogates those in the know to bring you never-heard-before stories about Meghan, Kate, The Queen, Diana and the extended family.

The show covers everything you would want to know about the Royal Family from past to present including marriage breakdowns, Royal scandals and clandestine power struggles. With guests including former Royal butler and confidant to Princess Diana, Paul Burrell to infamous tabloid editor, Kelvin MacKenzie, you are guaranteed to learn something you never knew about the Royals.

As of today [19th February] two episodes of The Royal View, ‘Royals on the Rocks’ and ‘Blood on their Hands’ are currently available on True Royalty with new episodes being released each week moving forward. Here is a flavour of what to expect:

‘Royals on the Rocks’

Damage caused by divorce has plagued the Royal Family for nearly a century. We hear about the marital breakdowns that have cast a shadow over the family and what lessons Meghan and Harry can learn in surviving the pressure of Royal life from guests that include Vanity Fair contributing editor and author of Harry: Life Loss & Love, Katie Nicholl  and Paul Burrell, former Royal butler and confidant to the

‘Blood on their Hands’

The death of Diana, Princess of Wales, stunned the world and rocked the Royal Family to its core. With blame levied at the press and paparazzi, we hear from guests including Diana biographer, Andrew Morton and infamous tabloid editor Kelvin MacKenzie  those in the about the volatile relationship that’s always existed between the Royal Family and the Press.

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