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The Prince George Effect

Posted by True Royalty TV Nigel Brown on Oct 13, 2020 2:46:02 AM


Prince William holds Prince George

In our latest documentary celebrating Royal babies, and in anticipation of Harry and Meghan’s new addition to the Royal Family, follow the journey of the boy who will one day be king in Prince George at One.

On 3rd December 2012, the news broke that Kate was pregnant and expecting her first child – the third in line to the throne. From the moment Clarence House announced the news the country has been subject to what has since been affectionately called ‘The Prince George Effect’.

The question on everyone’s lips, ‘will it be a boy or a girl?’, raised concerns about the laws of succession. In Prince George at One, Royal correspondent Simon Vigar notes “The British Constitution, as with many other countries, has enshrined centuries of sexism that the firstborn son would inherit everything. That’s called male primogeniture.”

With the possibility that the Royal baby may be a girl, this male primogeniture rule was put to an end meaning that if the firstborn was a girl she would have as much of a claim to the throne as a boy. Vigar acknowledges that this move was wise “considering some of our greatest monarchs – Elizabeth I, Elizabeth II and Victoria – have been Queens, so it made absolute sense to end that.”

Despite rewriting centuries of Royal tradition this change in law would have no bearing on William and Kate’s first royal baby because, as BT Tower projected on its illuminated display to millions of Londoners on 22nd July 2013, it was a boy.

As well as revealing the extent to which George-mania affect both press and public alike, Prince George at One also follows William, Kate and an eight-month-old George on a Royal tour of New Zealand, an unprecedented act in Royal history.

Despite a noticeably grumpy George boarding the plane to embark on this Royal journey this was, as this documentary notes, a deliberate decision to stay together as a family even during Royal tours.

Still today, five years after his birth, Prince George is writing a new and unique page in the Royal history book. Whether it be the fact he’s the 49th best dressed man in Britain according to GQ or simply wearing a dressing gown which subsequently sold out due to popular demand, George is living a life like no other child on earth.

Prince George at One follows this remarkable boy who will one day wear the crown, and the mania that surrounds him.

You can catch the whole of Prince George at One on True Royalty TV by clicking here.