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“The idea of having to curtsy to your sister-in-law must be utterly extraordinary”

Posted by True Royalty TV Nigel Brown on Oct 20, 2020 4:02:09 AM


The press would have us all believe there is a rift between the two most famous sisters-in-law in the world, but what really is going on behind the Palace walls between Kate and Meghan? Is there really a feud brewing between the two Duchesses?

Royal View Host Tim Vincent (Blue Peter / Access Hollywood) is joined by the panel of Katie Nicholl, Royal Correspondent with Vanity Fair and The Mail on Sunday, Neil Wallis, a former English newspaper journalist who has worked for The Sun, The People and News of The World, Paul Burrell, Princess Diana’s Butler and Royal Historian Sarah Gristwood.

In Episode 1, Royals on the Rocks the expert panel explores the first months of Meghan as a royal, and discuss just how strange some of the Royal customs must be for the former Hollywood actress, such as when Prince William is King, she will have to curtsy for Kate.

Katie Nicholl says: “I mean the idea of having to curtsy to your sister in law (I mean) must be utterly extraordinary whether or not you get along with them and I think the finer details of that – I hate the word protocol but etiquette.

Sympathy for the world Meghan has entered into is apparent among the panel, with Neil Wallis observing she will have to lean on her skills as an actress in the early years.

Neil Wallis says: “I think she is an intelligent woman. She has created a career. She has been divorced and as far as you can see her divorce was amicable. And she has dealt with staff herself. She is also an actress. If she has to go through curtsying to Kate I suspect she simply puts her acting head on and thinks ‘I’ve got to do this, just like I’ve got to say a bad line sometimes on my TV shows.”

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Damage caused by divorce has plagued the Royal Family for nearly a century. Episode 1, Royals on the Rocks explores this chequered history of regal break-ups. Whether from outside the family or within, we hear about the marital breakdowns that have cast a shadow over the family of Elizabeth II.

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