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Royals on the Rocks: Our 5 Favourite Moments

Posted by True Royalty TV Dan Struthers on Oct 20, 2020 4:20:00 AM


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True Royalty TV’s brand new and exclusive show, The Royal View, brings together Royal insiders, commentators and biographers, to tease the fact from the fantasy and reveal the truth about the Royal Family.

In the Royals on the Rocks episode guests take a closer look at the scandalous divorces and shocking affairs that have plagued the Royal Family from the 1930s to the present day.

We’ve picked five of our favourite moments from the action-packed episode which touched on everything from Meghan’s refusal to obey royal protocol to the unhappy marriage of Princess Diana. Make sure you watch the full episode at True Royalty TV but in the meantime enjoy our highlights below.

Divorce is still a dirty word

Katie Nicholls, Royal biographer, started things off by noting how Harry has always been in awe of William and Kate’s relationship which begun at University and has survived nearly 20 years later. She went on to observe that Harry, as a child from a broken home, would want nothing more than to avoid the bitter divorce he saw his parents go through and enjoy a happy marriage with Meghan. “Divorce”, Nicholls concluded, “is still a bit of a dirty word in the royal family.”

Diana knew her duty was done

Royal butler and close friend of Princess Diana, Paul Burrell, shed light on Diana’s unhappiness in the final years of her marriage where she knew she was simply serving a purpose. Burrell exclusively revealed Charles’ reaction upon first seeing the newly born Prince Harry when he allegedly said, “Now I have my heir and spare,” causing Diana to cry herself to sleep knowing her marriage was over and her duty was done.

Meghan upsets Royal protocol

Meghan has already fired both her personal assistant and private secretary which Katie Nicholls observed is the sign of a “confident, outspoken, driven woman.” This brashness, however, has rubbed many in the palace up the wrong way. Royal journalist Neil Wallis suggested that Meghan may have to use her acting skills to play her part avoid disobeying Royal protocol.

The Queen and Philip are still going strong

Burrell also noted that the relationship between the Queen and Prince Philip is still one of fondness even after 70 years of marriage, the longest in British Royal history. The former butler to Diana claimed, “They love each other, in their own way. He still calls her cabbage!” While the monarch and her husband have been through marriage difficulties and tabloid speculation regarding Philip’s fidelity, their relationship has survived the many ups and downs and is still stronger than ever today.

Meghan’s mysterious first husband

As the group of royal experts talk Meghan, conversation turns to her status as a divorced woman and her first husband, Trevor Engelson. All four guests agree that an exclusive interview from this mysterious ex-husband may be just around the corner. Katie Nicholls even claims that Engelson, an American film director, is apparently writing a script about an American marrying a British prince which could see him air his views on his ex-wife and her new husband Prince Harry.

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