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Royal Superfans: Meghan’s style twin, Linda Martinez

Posted by True Royalty TV Nigel Brown on Oct 5, 2020 4:36:42 PM


Meghan super fan dressed like the Duchess of Sussex

Of all the members of the Royal Family, recent inductee Meghan Markle has stirred up the devotion and passion of the public like no other. Her romance and subsequent marriage to Prince Harry has redefined the modern fairytale, and has made the world reconsider what it means to be a Royal.

Linda Martinez lives in Mexico and works as an actuary, yet her life has been touched – and subsequently shaped – by the Duchess of Sussex in a way that is truly unique. Through her Linda Sparkle Instagram account, Linda has devoted her social presence to emulating Meghan Markle’s impeccable style, and in doing so has demonstrated just how deeply the Royal Family can impact people quite literally on the other side of the planet.

We spoke to Linda about her love for Meghan Markle, and what the Duchess of Sussex means to her.

What is it that you admire about Meghan Markle?

Meghan is an empowered woman – she’s a hard worker, down to earth, independent and demonstrates a tremendous kindness to ordinary people. I really admire all the things she has done to get what she has, and the personality that has made her so popular. I’d like to be like her – as a human being, as an empowered woman and – most obviously – as a style icon. Yet I feel it’s sometimes not easy for her to be in her position, given some of the prejudice that has been shown against her, and the traditionalists who would only accept people from aristocratic stock as Royals.

Can you remember when you first became interested in Meghan?

 I was a big Meghan fan because of Suits. I was drawn to her because she is not your typical ‘blonde girl’ and then I started following her blog. When she started dating Harry I began doing deeper research and found out much more about her family history and her career.

What inspired you to start dressing like her?

 It’s a way to express my admiration. Then, I realized that it made me feel confident. I really enjoyed emulating her style because I hadn’t had a defined style before. I really believe that she shows it’s possible to feel confident, look good and still be a great human being.

How would you define “Royal style”? Are there fashion rules to dressing like a Royal?

 Royal fashion means not just following the trends – that’s exactly what I love about it! Meghan’s style is classic: neutral colors, with a sophisticated combination. For me, it’s an elegant but comfortable way to dress.

 Do you have a favourite Meghan outfit?

 The wedding dress! And I love her Givenchy looks – all of them!

How do you decide which outfits to emulate, and what is the process for replicating her looks?

If the look is easy to emulate I’ll do it. I love fashion, so I keep my eyes in the low-cost brands because sometimes they’ll make something to match what Meghan has been wearing.  And, if my budget allows me, I sometimes buy the original outfit to treat myself! If it’s not sold out, that is.

Are there any other ways that you express your Meghan Markle fandom?

 I try to support the causes that she supports, and generally I always try to be helpful to people. I know I don’t have the same impact or reach as her, but I try my best to make my own contribution to society. I’m inspired by her commitment to making a difference. 

Do you have any other Royal Family favourites?

Prince Harry used to be my favourite, but now Meghan has overtaken him! Haha!

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