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Royal Scandals: Murder, Hidden Children, Divorces and Secret Photos

Posted by True Royalty TV Nigel Brown on Oct 23, 2020 6:57:11 PM


This week’s Pick of The Week from Jessica Fellowes, journalist and author of ‘The World of Downton Abbey’, previews a documentary that looks into those incidents of drama and dishonour that have rocked – and sometimes even jeopardised – the monarchy throughout history.

From the abdication of Edward VIII to ill-advised romances and secret photos, the Royal Family has survived it all. Whether it be Prince Harry nearly revealing his crown jewels in Las Vegas, or Wallis Simpson and Edward VIII shaking hands with Hitler, leaked photographs of the Royals have often found them in deep water.

This documentary takes a look at some of the Royal scandals that have made media headlines. Knowledgeable commentators assess how they affected the Royal Family and what they had to do to overcome the backlash of the press. Watch the full documentary here.