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Royal News Round Up – 25th January

Posted by True Royalty TV Nigel Brown on Oct 23, 2020 6:31:56 PM


Camilla reding a poem.

From rumoured Royal babies to biographers bringing up the past, the Royal Family is never far away from the headlines. We have rounded up the the highlights of Royal coverage from the past week to ensure you don’t miss out on any regal revelations.

Another Royal Baby?

The Duke and Duchess of Sussex may not be the only Royal couple growing their family in 2019, if the bookies are to be believed. Newlyweds Princess Eugenie and and Jack Brooksbank could have some very exciting news, according to Royal observers.

Odds that Princess Eugenie, who got married in October last year, is expecting her first child fell to 8/13 this week, with some commentators picking up on possible hints in a recent Instagram post from the Princess. 

This is all speculation of course, but the possibility of a new face in the Royal Family for 2019 is always a cause for excitement!

Royals Were Worried Kate Middleton Would Become The Next Camilla

William and Kate may be living the fairytale life right now, but that wasn’t always the case. In 2010, after the couple had left university, biographer Katie Nicholl says Kate wanted a bigger commitment and was upset when William would flirt with other women at parties. In response, William said they should take a break.

“Some bookies are giving 2/1 odds on the Duchess announcing her 4th pregnancy.”

Kate apparently had a fan in Prince Philip, who allegedly told the soon-to-be Duchess: “William will present a ring when the time it right.”

Everything turned out for the best, of course Now, some bookies are giving 2/1 odds on the Duchess of Cambridge announcing her fourth pregnancy this year.

Did You Know That Prince William Broke With 150 Years Of Tradition?

We all know that Prince William met Kate Middleton while at the University of St Andrews, but did you know that he was breaking a long-standing Royal tradition just by being there? Royals typically attend Oxford or Cambridge, but biographer Katie Nicholl says William was set on studying Geography at the ancient Scottish University instead.

He may have been breaking with convention, but Nicholl says the Queen was ‘delighted’ with his decision.

Duchess Of Cornwall Supports National Literacy Trust By Reading Poetry To Children

School children in Swindon were treated to a Royal visit this week when she read Come Into The Woods by Alfred Williams to a group of young children at North Swindon Library.

The Duchess, who was wearing a plum coloured coat and gray patterned dress, also learned about the ‘Lost Words’ project which aims to connect reading with nature and develop children’s appreciation for both. Camilla also revealed a forest-inspired book cake lying under a red cloth, which she cut with the assistance of a young schoolboy.

Image courtesy of Clarence House / Twitter 

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