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Pick of the Week: The Royal Restoration

Posted by True Royalty TV Dan Struthers on Oct 26, 2020 3:09:50 PM


The front facade of Dumfries House in Scotland.

This week’s pick, The Royal Restoration: Dumfries House, shows a side of Prince Charles people might not normally see: a man with a passion for preserving historical and architectural gems even when the stakes are high.

This fascinating documentary follows Charles as he attempts to save the grand Scottish stately home, Dumfries House, from fading into obscurity. This unprecedented Royal restoration saw the Prince of Wales invest £20 million from his own charitable trust to help this historic property and regenerate the local community in the process.

However, this audacious move nearly became the undoing of the Prince as he faced constant attacks from the press who said it was a waste of time. This film shows how Charles risked his reputation but was ultimately vindicated. Watch the full documentary here.

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