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Pick of the Week: The People’s Wedding

Posted by True Royalty TV Nigel Brown on Oct 26, 2020 3:18:02 PM


Elizabeth and Philip standing on the balcony.

On this day, 20th November, 71 years ago, Princess Elizabeth married Philip Mountbatten. It was only two years after the war and the occasion marked a glimpse of joy in an otherwise bleak period of austerity and rationing. Sir Winston Churchill put it aptly in describing the marriage as, “A flash of colour on the hard road we have to travel.”

Author and journalist, Jessica Fellowes, who has written five companion books to Downton Abbey and has just released her second novel of the Mitford Murders series called Bright Young Dead, has chosen the documentary, The People’s Wedding, as her pick of the week on True Royalty.

A fount of knowledge when it comes to aristocracy and Royalty, what Jessica particularly likes about this film is the rarely-seen archive footage that captures tender and rather private moments of the couple. In a fascinating piece of  footage we see the pair talking casually in the church at Patricia Mountbatten’s wedding. Jessica says, “There is something rather touching about looking at this bit of film where they know they have this little secret that hasn’t come out yet.”

To watch The People’s Wedding at True Royalty click here. 

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