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Now Live! The Royal View: In-Laws and Outlaws

Posted by True Royalty TV Nigel Brown on Oct 13, 2020 2:54:38 AM


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The latest episode of The Royal View – the show that brings you the truth behind the Royal Family’s most talked about moments – is now live! Episode 5: In-Laws and Outlaws features guests including former Royal butler Paul Burrell and Vanity Fair’s contributing editor Katie Nicholls, and examines the dysfunctional side to the British Royal Family. From the King who deserted his country for love, to in-laws selling stories to the press – it’s quite apparent that the old maxim “you can choose your friends but not your family” applies even to the Queen of England!

Below we’ve chosen a few of our favourite moments from In-laws and Outlaws:

Was the Queen a distant mother?

The Queen raised her children in the way that was expected of her, but it was seen by many as a cold and distant approach. With a cast of helpers and nannies at the ready, much of her children’s formative years took place in the absence of their mother. Paul Burrell tells us there is no doubt the Queen loves her four children but it is “not in the same way that we love our babies. It’s very different.”

Have Kate and William modernised Royal child-rearing?

When it comes to Royal parenting, the new generation do things very differently. Katie Nicholl argues their more hands-on approach – even in little things like doing the school run – is a crucial reason the modern Royals remain so popular. Katie says, “It’s wonderful because parents around the world can identify. If you can’t identify with the Royals then you’ve lost that magic.”

Royal money troubles

When divorce rears its ugly head, even the Royals can find themselves burdened with money troubles. When Andrew and Fergie dissolved their marriage, the Prince had to go cap-in-hand to the Queen to ask for financial assistance. Burrell says, “Andrew went to his mother and said, ‘We have a problem, Sunninghill Park has to be sold, I have to sort out the divorce settlement, I don’t have that sort of money.’ So his mother helped.”

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