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Now Live! The Queen’s Castle Collection

Posted by True Royalty TV Nigel Brown on Oct 5, 2020 4:57:50 PM


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If you want to go beyond what the tourist sees when they look round Windsor Castle, then The Queen’s Castle collection is your answer. The filmmakers were granted unprecedented access to both castle and Queen. Filming over the course of a year, these documentaries show that this turreted citadel is no museum: it is a living, breathing castle which serves as a beloved home to the Royal Family and their staff.

From insightful interviews with the Duke of Edinburgh, conversations with the castle’s dedicated servants and a selection of little-known historical and cultural facts, The Queen’s Castle trilogy offers new insight into this 11th century Royal home. If you want to know why Windsor is The Queen’s favourite castle then read on. 

The Queen’s Castle: The Banquet

The Queen's Castle: The BanquetFancy having dinner at Windsor castle? You might not be on the guest list, but that doesn’t mean you can’t find out what a modern Royal banquet is really like. In The Banquet you will meet the castle’s superintendent, the Queen’s housekeeper and all the people who make sure everything is perfect for HRH Elizabeth II and her family. You will also join the Royal Family at a revolutionary state banquet featuring a special performance of Les Miserable and a visit from the French prime minister and discover how much work goes into planning these Royal events – from meticulous seating plans to elaborate food menus. Click here to watch now.

The Queen’s Castle: Four SeasonsThe Queen's Castle: Four Seasons

This documentary offers a fascinating insight into the people who live and work at Windsor Castle. From the Queen’s guards to the flagman, this documentary gives you unique insights into the people that are responsible for the castle’s day-to-day upkeep. Discover the array of quirky jobs people perform, the unique traditions that Windsor celebrates and the animals who also call this castle their home in Four Seasons on True Royalty TV.

The Queen’s Castle: The Ranger

The Queen's Castle: The RangerJoin the Duke of Edinburgh as he drives around Windsor, goes shopping and talks about times past in this exclusive insight into Royal life at Windsor. The Ranger allows us to see a different, more domestic side to Prince Philip. Watch as His Highness competes in the Windsor Royal Horse Show,  complains about noisy planes and explains his sometimes overly ambitious ideas for Windsor Park. From the medley of tunnels running under the building to the lushous castle grounds, delve into the fascinating architecture, grounds and secret passages as you discover a Windsor you’ve never seen before. Click here to watch now.

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