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“My phone rang and Diana was laughing, ‘You never told me about the nudist beach!’”

Posted by True Royalty TV Dan Struthers on Oct 20, 2020 3:46:30 AM


While many romanticise the Royal Family as privileged and born into a wealthy dynasty, they sacrifice any attempt of a private life with their titles. Should this just be an accepted part of the role or considered an invasion of privacy from the press?

In episode 3 of The Royal View, Sex, Lies and Scandal, author and editor-in-chief of Majesty magazine Ingrid Seward, Princess Diana’s former bodyguard Ken Wharfe, Prince Philip’s friend Gyles Brandreth and Sunday Telegraph columnist Sophia Money-Coutts discuss one of the biggest issues for Royalty in a paparazzi-filled world: privacy.

“One thing they want, more so than any one of us, is their privacy but it’s very difficult to make that happen,” said Ken Wharfe, sympathising with the Royals. “The current Royal Family have inherited protection from birth, so that’s become part of their life and they do accept it.”

As someone who was constantly looking after Diana, he learned from the Princess that she had one simple desire: to walk across a beach alone. Ken, however, strove to make this dream a reality – with amusing consequences.

“Off she went, disappearing into the sunlight and then about 20 minutes later my phone rang and Diana was laughing and I said ‘Is everything ok ma’am?’ and she said ‘It’s great Ken, but you never told me about the nudist beach!’”

While this manoeuvre did earn Diana a moment of privacy, her former husband Prince Charles and Camilla had no such luck when their infamously intimate phone interview was leaked to the press.

“The issue is one of trust,” says Gyles Brandreth, “and the difficulty in the Royal Family is who do you trust? If people start telling stories to the press, where are you?”

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