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“It’s extremely humiliating for Meghan’s family not to be asked to her wedding”

Posted by True Royalty TV Dan Struthers on Oct 20, 2020 3:30:48 AM


Meghan Markle and Prince Harry in a carriage

While many saw Harry and Meghan’s wedding as a moment of national unity and pride for Britain, others have noted that it seems to have divided Meghan’s own family more than ever before. Was snubbing her own family a necessary move for Meghan to avoid tabloid headlines, or has it simply created enemies for the American Princess?

The latest episode of The Royal View examines the divisions within the country and within Meghan’s own family with the help of former editor of The Sun, Kelvin MacKenzie, New York Times best selling royal author Lady Colin Campbell, Princess Diana’s biographer Andrew Morton and Royal historian Tessa Dunlop.

“I did think it was very striking at that enormous wedding,” says Tessa Dunlop. “It was a pageant for Britain which needed healing at the time, because it was very divided over other issues. It brought the nation together with a fairy princess conveniently from outside Europe.”

She did note, however, that this unity didn’t extend to Meghan’s own family: “I think some of us noticed there was a huge Windsor family and only one member of Meghan’s family: the mother.”

This question of whether Meghan’s family deserved this treatment is one that is furiously debated among the panel, with no definitive answer reached. Lady Colin Campbell is particularly vocal about how Meghan has chosen to abandon her family in favour of her new Royal Family.

“It’s extremely humiliating for any family, in front of the world, to not be asked to a wedding when strangers and recent friends are being asked,” says Lady Colin. “I think it was appalling, I think the whole thing shouldn’t have happened and the whole thing was a grave tactical error on her part.”

Andrew Morton refutes Lady Colin Campbell’s damning assessment of the newest member of the Royal Family, insisting that the day was not overshadowed by Meghan’s mother being the sole representative of her family, and that many saw a happy couple instead of a divided family.

“The moment she started to walk down the aisle on her own in St George’s Chapel, all that nonsense fell away,” says Morton. “We enjoyed the moment and what it was all about: the union of a couple who were in love.”

“Who knows what goes on in families,” says Tessa. “There are always skeletons in cupboards, and the fact she followed through on what was her instinct and took the flack shows strength of character. She’s going to have to have plenty of that to survive.”

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