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How And Where To Watch True Royalty TV

Posted by True Royalty TV Nigel Brown on Oct 20, 2020 4:36:52 AM


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We have provided lots of ways for you to access watch True Royalty TV so you can watch the best Royal shows and documentaries out there whether that be on your big flat screen tv in the comfort of your home or on the bus to work on your smartphone. Read on for a clear guide to the various ways you can watch the world’s first and only on-demand TV service devoted to Royalty.

Please note, True Royalty TV is currently available in the US, Canada, UK, Ireland, Australia and New Zealand – however, we are working on opening up to other territories across the globe.

Desktop or laptop

If you have a computer, be it a laptop or a desktop, and an internet connection then True Royalty TV is right at your fingertips. Simply go to www.tryeroyalty.tv  and sign up for a seven day free trial in 4 easy steps. If you are a Windows computer you will need the latest version of either of these browser: Chrome, Firefox, Internet Explorer and Edge. If you are on a Mac you will need with the latest version of Safari, Chrome or Firefox.

Smartphone or Tablet

This is especially useful if you want to watch True Royalty on the go. Once you’ve signed up online at www.trueroyalty.tv you can then download the app to your tablet or smartphone. With this approach you can save programmes offline so you don’t have to worry about an internet connection while you’re out and about. If use an Android device click here: Google App Store and if you’re using iOS then click here: iTunes.

Apple TV and Fire TV

It is also possible to watch your favourite Royal shows on your television. We are now available on Apple TV and Fire TV. If you have either of these, you can log straight in using the registration details you created when you signed up online.There is also the option of casting True Royalty to your TV from your computer, tablet or smartphone using Chromecast or Airplay.


We are also very pleased to announce that we are now available on Xfinity in America. Unlike the other methods above, you don’t even need to sign up online first. Simply say ‘True Royalty’ into your X1 remote and you will find out all the relevant information.

For further information on technical specifications then click here and if you have any further questions then contact us at any time at support@trueroyalty.tv

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