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Famous Royal Feuds

Posted by True Royalty TV Nigel Brown on Oct 5, 2020 4:44:48 PM


  • You’ve heard the claims that Meghan allegedly made Kate cry at a dress fitting for Princess Charlotte and that Meghan and Harry moved to Frogmore to get away from the Cambridges. But how much of this is actually true and how does it compare to other Royal feuds throughout history?

Kate Middleton vs Meghan Markle

Whilst the Palace is quick to deny any personal animosity between the Princesses, even they have to admit that Kate and Meghan are very different people. 

It is impossible to know what’s going on behind closed doors, but it’s clear that Kate and Meghan are not always  going to do things the same way or agree on everything. 

“Margaret apparently saw it as a betrayal and was so upset she even refused to have magazines featuring Diana in her vicinity.”

Anyone who’s had to live in close quarters with their in-laws is bound to have a few arguments here and there – especially if they also work with them and are under intense public scrutiny 24/7. It’s understandable that the Sussexes might want some alone time, especially now they have baby Archie.

At 34, Meghan had a life, a career and a strong sense of self, so giving up her work, moving to a new country and having to live under a strange set of rules would have been a challenge. The Duchess of Sussex also has a strong personality and an American way of doing things – which may clash with Kate’s English sensibilities. 

So are Kate and Meghan feuding with each other? The truth is that no one, aside from the Royal family and potentially some close friends, can really know. What we can say is that the media loves a good argument, especially among the Royals, and any hint of disruption is going to make a big splash. 

Princesses Beatrice and Eugenie vs Kate Middleton and Meghan Markle

There are reports of bad blood between Princesses Eugenie, Beatrice, Meghan and Kate, according to some sources. Tensions supposedly arose because Beatrice and Eugenie felt upstaged by new arrival Meghan Markle – especially as Beatrice had to leave St James’s Palace after her sister married around the same time that Meghan was moving into a Royal residence of her own.

Eugenie and Beatrice were born into the Royal family, while Meghan and Kate married into it – but the new Royal brides tend to make more headlines and are arguably more popular with the public.

“No members of the Royal Family attended Wallis and Edward’s wedding in 1937.”

Some sources suggest that Eugenie and Beatrice feel forgotten and are unhappy about all the attention Meghan and Kate are receiving, especially as they have been pushed down the line of succession thanks to the children of the Duchesses of Cambridge and Sussex. 

Beatrice in particular was allegedly ‘icy’ towards Kate Middleton when she first joined the Royal family back in 2011. More recently, the sisters apparently ‘snubbed’ the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge at an Easter Service last year and were told off by the Queen.

Princess Margaret vs Princess Diana

Margaret and Diana were initially on good terms, but their relationship appears to have soured after the Princess of Wales’ marriage broke down and she famously claimed there were ‘three people’ in her marriage so it was ‘a bit crowded’. 

Even though Diana was telling the truth, Margaret apparently saw it as a betrayal and was so upset she even refused to have magazines featuring Diana in her vicinity.

Queen Mary vs Wallis Simpson

Long before Kate and Meghan, there was very real animosity between Queen Mary, Elizabeth’s grandmother, and Wallis Simpson, the twice-divorced woman for whom Edward VIII abdicated the throne. 

No members of the Royal Family attended Wallis and Edward’s wedding in 1937. After her marriage, Wallis technically became a Royal but did not receive the title of HRH and was therefore unable to dip into the family collection of tiaras. 

For Mary, an American divorcée like Wallis was a threat to the monarchy. For Wallis, Mary was a dowdy traditionalist who unofficially banished her and her husband to the US and then the Bahamas. 

Mary Queen of Scots vs Queen Elizabeth I

Way back in the 16th century, two young Queens made all other Royal feuds look like playground scuffles. Mary was heir to the Scottish throne, became Queen Consort of France and was seen by some as the rightful heir to the British throne following the death of Mary Tudor. 

Her cousin Elizabeth I was believed to be illegitimate by Catholics who did not acknowledge her mother’s marriage to Henry VIII – which caused obvious tension between the two young Queens.

After Mary’s two husbands had died – one of whom was murdered – she was imprisoned in Scotland only to escape to England, where she was accused of plotting to take the English throne and then imprisoned again. Mary was eventually executed on 8th February after Elizabeth signed her death warrant.

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