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Celebrate Mother’s Day with True Royalty TV

Posted by True Royalty TV Nigel Brown on Oct 1, 2020 1:15:27 AM

For many of us, Mothers Day 2020 will be very different to what we’re used to. Social distancing as a result of Covid-19 means many of us won’t be able to pop round to mums this Sunday. Instead of physically sitting around the table with some tea (or wine), we have to settle for glitchy skype sessions and long distance phone calls.

You may not be able to be in the same room as your mum, but that doesn’t meant you can’t celebrate her special day. If she’s a fan of the royal family, why not choose one (or all) of these five True Royalty documentaries which are celebrating mothers day, select a time to watch it together, set up a skype call or start texting and settle in for a royal marathon from wherever you both are in the world.  

Things are different this year, but that’s all the more reason to look back, be nostalgic and celebrate what we have. Have a royal session this Sunday with our five of our favourite documentaries from our Mother’s Day curation. 

A Century of The Queen Mother: 100 years in 100 minutes

Many mothers see their daughters as princesses, but Elizabeth’s daughter grew up to be the Queen of England. For almost a century, the Queen mother was the floral, smiling face of the monarchy. The daughter of Edwardian nobility, the Queen mother saw the world change beyond recognition from her husband accession in 1936 to her death in 2002. Discover more about the Queen mothers life and how she raised Elizabeth II by exploring 100 years in 100 minutes on True Royalty TV.

The Queen’s Mother in Law

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Most of us are familiar with the Queen mother, but what do you know of Elizabeth II’s mother in law – ake Philips’ mother? A great grandaughter of Queen Victoria, Princess Alice was born in Windsor Caslte in 1885. Alice’s life seemed to be a turn of the century fairytale after she met and fell in love with Prince Andrew, the son of a Greek king, but a republican war wreaked havok on the young mother’s life. Join True Royalty and explore a royal story where facts are stranger than fiction. 

Diana: A Day In The Life

This mothers day, why not learn more about the woman who changed the face of royal parenting? Down to earth Diana was determined to give her children as normal a life as possible so they’d have a sense of how other people lived. She would take them to Mcdonalds, pick them up from school and brought a familiar warmth that may have been lacking in the Windsors before she arrived. Diana touched the lives of many people, but no one more then her two sons who are now following her example and making their own way in the world.

Kate Middleton: Working Class to Windsor

This mothering Sunday, discover more about one of the most famous mums in the world who is currently raising the future king of England. From a comparatively normal upbringing to finding a real life fairy tale when she fell in love with a prince, Kate’s journey from working class to Windsor has changed the monarchy forever. 

Harry and Meghan: A New Royal Life

All babies are special, but little Archie has been born into truly unique circumstances. The son of a British Prince and an American TV star, little Archie was always going to have an interesting life, but now his parents have shocked the world by voluntarily stepping back from the Royal family to give their son (and themselves) a chance at a more ‘normal’ life. What does being an ‘ex royal’ mean for baby Archie? How will his parents balance royal tradition and Harry’s extended family? These are the questions we’re asking in this new documentary.

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