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Becoming King: True Royalty Presents the Untold Story

Posted by True Royalty TV Nigel Brown on Oct 26, 2020 3:28:05 PM


Prince Charles sitting down and being interviewed

This week’s pick is more a collection than an individual film as BAFTA-winning filmmaker, Nick Bullen, explains how Charles is an often misunderstood member of The Royal Family.

Nick spent over a year with Prince Charles and in this time he discovered a man with an amazing sense of humour,  a caring attitude, especially for the young and disenfranchised, and a determination to make change even if it puts his reputation on the line.

It is through his boys, Princes William and Harry, however, that you really discover what their father is like, namely, a warm, funny and doting father.

As the Prince turns 70 watch the full Charles Collection at True Royalty TV here.

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