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A True Royalty Exclusive! Meghan Markle: Inside the Wardrobe of a Princess

Posted by True Royalty TV Nigel Brown on Oct 13, 2020 2:27:11 AM


vIf a picture speaks a thousand words, what can a wedding dress, a diamond tiara or a pair of jeans say about us?

True Royalty’s exclusive new documentary Meghan Markle: Inside the Wardrobe of a Princess uncovers the truth behind the Duchess’ wardrobe choices, and teaches us to look more closely at what she is trying to say through her clothes.

When someone marries into the Royal Family, their outfit choices will make headlines around the world. It is therefore very important that a new Princess has her own sense of style while also adhering to the unofficial Royal dress code.

But how are Royal women supposed to dress? While there is no hard and fast ‘how-to’ guide for Royal brides to learn what constitutes an appropriate outfit, there is an unspoken etiquette that Princesses are supposed to follow.

Royal women don’t tend to wear black unless they’re in mourning, they normally wear tights rather than bare legs and – if visiting the Queen – they are expected to cover their heads with a stylish hat.

Want to dress like HRH Queen Elizabeth II? You will need low-heeled black pumps, a square-shaped black purse, an array of primary-coloured coats and dresses and a collection of cake-shaped hats.

If you’re wondering why the Queen wears bright colours everywhere, imagine that you’re far back in a crowd outside Buckingham Palace. You’re peeking around trying to get a glimpse of the Royal family when you see a flash of lime green in the distance – it’s the Queen!

Elizabeth II wears bright colours so you can spot her from a mile away and go home happy in the knowledge that you have seen the Queen of England.

Diana got married when she was 20 and didn’t have a strong sense of personal style, so she experimented with daringly low-cut black dresses and clothes which David Sassoon called “pretty, romantic and froo-froo.”

As Diana started travelling the globe, she became inspired by the styles she saw abroad and called on designer Jacques Azagury to help her refine her wardrobe.

Over the years, Diana left her puffy sleeves behind and transformed into a stylish, chic modern woman who remains a fashion icon to this day.

Royal fashion isn’t just about looking good – it’s about showing the world who you are and where you see yourself going.

Kate Middleton, for example, was nicknamed ‘Queen of the High Street’ due to her use of mass market brands like TopShop, H&M and Zara. Through her clothes, Kate was telling the British public that she was a normal girl who just happened to fall in love with a Prince.

These early fashion choices made the Duchess of Cambridge feel approachable, helping her gain popularity in Britain and cementing our view of the Cambridges as the ‘modern’ Royals who are more in touch with regular life than their predecessors.

Fashion isn’t always about the wearer. The Royal Family tend to keep out of politics, but they are able to send a message and support selected business models just by wearing a pair of jeans.

During her trip to Australia, Meghan wore clothes created by Outland Denim, an ethical fashion company which employs vulnerable women in Cambodia and empowers them to take control of their lives.

Through wearing Outland Denim jeans, Meghan helped raise the company’s profile so they can expand and help bring more women into the business, while the jeans she wore sold out overnight.

From disastrous hat choices to making a political statement by wearing the colour green, the Royals’ fashion choices can make lasting impacts all around the world. Discover the story behind the clothes in ‘Meghan Markle: Inside the Wardrobe of a Princess”, exclusively on True Royalty TV.

Watch Meghan Markle: Inside the Wardrobe of a Princess now here.

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