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A Century of Royal Baby Fashion

Posted by True Royalty TV Nigel Brown on Oct 8, 2020 3:59:19 AM


Prince Charles with Princess Diana on Prince William s 2nd birthday June 1984

Archie Harrison Mountbatten-Windsor was born on the 6th May 2019 into a Royal family with over one thousand years of history. Although he may be seventh in line to the throne, he is the first half-American, mixed race, Royal baby.

Archie has certainly got some teeny-tiny stylish shoes to fill, but with chic parents who aren’t afraid to break fashion protocol, something tells us that he will put a spin on tradition. And when you’re a Royal baby, personal style starts very early on. Let’s see which of Archie’s relatives he might look to for fashion inspiration:

Great Granny

Elizabeth’s first crowning fashion moment came on her christening day in 1926, wearing the famous Honiton christening gown. This gown was commissioned by Queen Victoria for her first-born child Princess Victoria, who was baptised in 1841 at Buckingham Palace, on her parents’ first wedding anniversary.

Queen Elizabeth as a toddlerThis christening gown, inspired by Queen Victoria’s wedding dress, was made of white silk with a handmade lace overlay. Since 1841, the dress has been worn by 62 Royal babies during 163 years of Royal service. The Queen, Prince Charles, William and Harry were all baptised wearing it.

Queen Elizabeth II retired the gown in 2004, requesting her wardrobe advisor Angela Kelly to create a replica, which the Cambridge babies all wore for their christenings. It is likely that when Archie is christened this summer, he will wear this replica of the gown his father dribbled on in December 1984


Charles will no doubt be there to lend an elegant ear for Archie’s questions on style. The 70-year-old ranked number 6 in GQ’s 50 best-dressed men of 2019.

Before Charles had earned his sartorial stripes, with the help of Savile Row, or even taken his first steps, for that matter, he was often pictured in baby gowns.

A baby boy in a dress was not out of the ordinary in 1949 and now, 70 years on, gender-neutral clothing has become a fashionable trend for the socially woke tot. Given Meghan Markle and Prince Harry’s feminism, their fashion-forward offspring could shun gender stereotypes when it comes to clothes (while taking a leaf from grandpa’s book).

Cousin George

Baby Sussex will undoubtedly follow in the little footsteps of the noted fashionista in the family: his cousin, Prince George.

At just 17-months-old, George made his debut on GQ UK’s Best Dressed Men of 2015 at number 49. With the help of his stylish parents, Kate and Wills, George hit all the right notes with his pint-sized princely wardrobe.

Clothes and accessories worn by George sell out so quickly after he is pictured in them, that this phenomena has been labelled ‘The George Effect’. For example, this festive Cath Kidston navy jumper worn by George in Kensington Palace’s official Christmas photos sold out hours later. So did his Koala backpack worn on a family trip to Sydney – for the toddler who’s not afraid to take playful risks when it comes to fashion.

Prince George’s fashion choices pay homage to his father. The red and white outfit George wore to his sister Charlotte’s christening in 2015 looks almost identical to William’s get-up when meeting brother Harry for the first time in 1984. Perhaps Archie will borrow some of his dad’s iconic looks…

Mum & Dad

Meghan Markle is world-renowned for her elegant sense of style as Duchess, however, in an interview with Glamour magazine in 2017, she describes her former “relaxed California girl style” of “jeans, cut-offs and flip-flops”. Archie could inherit this laid-back dress sense. Or, he might even seek inspiration from the Royal Family of CA: the Kardashian brood.

British Vogue editor Edward Enninful has made his admiration for Meghan clear, so she could always call on him for first-rate fashion advice for Baby Sussex.

As for Harry’s influence, it’s clear that he’s going to be a hands-on dad: starting with holding Archie in his arms at his first media appearance. Harry has a reputation as the playful prince, so we can expect Archie’s wardrobe to be ideal for cavorting around Frogmore Cottage. Baby Sussex may even inherit his father’s enthusiasm for fancy dress.

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