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5 Ways Meghan Markle Speaks Through Her Fashion

Posted by True Royalty TV Nigel Brown on Oct 13, 2020 2:19:02 AM


Four images of Meghan in different outfits

The Royals may not say much but their clothes speak volumes. From her simple, mature wedding gown to the controversial tuxedo to ethical jeans, Meghan Markle uses her fashion choices to promote causes, break taboos and retain her individual sense of style. Take a break from Royal baby fever and read on to discover what Meghan Markle’s fashion says about her.

  1. She’s a Modern Princess

When Meghan got married, she wore a simple, elegant gown which not only reflected her preference for simple designs and shapes but was also a mature dress for a grown-up woman. Meghan was 36 when she and Harry tied the knot, having been married previously and enjoying a successful career; a Disney-style princess gown wouldn’t have worked for her. The gown’s simple design combined with the intricately-embroidered veil was beautiful but it was also contemporary. Meghan is not a fairytale princess; she’s a mature modern woman who brings her own sense of style to Royal fashion.

2. She’s Not Afraid To Go Against The Grain

For one of her early Royal engagements, Meghan arrived wearing an Alexander McQueen black tuxedo. Royal women do not tend to wear trousers in public – let alone fitted suit trousers – so in doing this Meghan was sending the message that she was not prepared to give up her love of fashion just because she had married a Prince.

3. She’s Not Opposed To Splashing Some Cash

As an established TV star, Meghan is no stranger to custom-made designer outfits. When she became a member of the Royal family, Meghan frequented high-end designers to help her create her Princess wardrobe. While $18,000 may sound like a lot for a dress, the Royal Family has an image to uphold at home and overseas. We want our Royals to be human and wear things we can emulate but we also want them to make a good impression on the world stage.

4. She Supports Women’s Rights

The Royal family tend not to voice their opinions to avoid looking partisan or political but they are able to help the causes they believe in through patronages and style choices. When Meghan was in Australia, she wore jeans made by ethical clothing company Outland Denim and the brand saw an almost 1000% increase in web traffic within 48 hours. The company employs vulnerable women in Cambodia and seeks to give them career opportunities so they can become self sufficient. The exposure the company received as a result of Meghan wearing their clothes enabled them to grow the business and continue their good work.

5. She Knows the Power of a Good Outfit

One of Meghan’s first patronages was Smart Works, a charity which helps vulnerable women find employment by giving them interview coaching and a new interview outfit from the high-end fashion brands that people donate. By supporting Smart Works, Meghan is utilising her love of fashion while also helping women take control of their lives. The charity knows how important clothes are, both in the message they convey and in the confidence they can give us, so it seems like the perfect fit for the Duchess of Sussex.

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